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“This is an excellent gym! They have top notch equipment and tons of space. But what really makes this excellent gym are the trainers. They know their stuff, and genuinely care about their athletes. They’re warm, welcoming and helpful, and the atmosphere here is incredibly supportive and positive. And it’s not just the trainers! You’ll get plenty of help and encouragement from the more experienced athletes here as well. I highly recommend working out here if you’re anywhere near the Petworth area.”
– Caleb Johnson

“A very talented set of coaches who truly enjoy what they do. CrossFit here is fun, exciting and very rewarding. My biggest “pet-peeve” is form, and they do a great job of making sure you’re doing the movements the right way. Keep up the great work!!”
– Priscilla Johnson

“CrossFit Petworth is really welcoming to newbies. They ensure our safety and know when to motivate us to get us to the next level. I’m excited to see how this weight training will help me improve my triathlon times.”
– Rachel Margolis

“Great community, very knowledgeable coaches, nice gym. It’s been really fun to be part of CrossFit Petworth and working out there has really pushed me physically. I highly recommend.”
– Sarah Weber

“I’m loving it! Great coaching team. Safe environment and friendly like minded people. I’m doing things I never imagined doing and I LOVE IT!”
– Sheila Harrison

“Very very welcoming. SO CLEAN. Organized. Easy parking situation. Super nice. I will definitely be back.”
– Ben Isabella

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