Even though you want to workout, we understand the nervousness. We will always place your health and safety first and go above and beyond the city and CDC guidelines for safety. You can see our preparations in this video walkthrough of our facility.

With our generous open space you will be safer and more comfortable at Petworth Fitness than at the grocery or hardware store.

How we will do that:

● Coaches will be performing cleaning between each class.
● We have installed UV lights in the AC System to help clean the air.
● Our multiple bay doors provide constant fresh air throughout the day.
● Wipes, hand sanitizer and disinfectant are available throughout the gym.
● We have an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer with medical grade disinfectant.

General Procedures:

● No front desk iPad check in. Check in is via our app on a phone.
● Please immediately wash or sanitize hands upon arrival.
● We ask you to limit time in the gym to no more than 5 to 10 minute before and after class.
● Each workout station has its own hand sanitizer, disinfectant and towels
● Coaches and members are required to wear masks indoors at all times. No exceptions.
● No dogs or kids will be allowed at this time.
● Showers will not be available at this time.


● Reservations are required for all classes and Open Gym usage
● Due to limited class sizes. There will be a no show/late cancel fee of $8 for any membership. (You may cancel up to one hour prior.)
● We have allotted time for cleaning and changeover between classes.
● Virtual classes will be continuing for the foreseeable future
● Class times and Open Gym times can be seen on our Schedule


● We have marked workout spots with between 12 feet to 24 feet of ultra safe distancing between athletes.
● During workouts athletes will stay in one place. There will be no moving around or leaving your designated space during a workout.
● We will disinfect the floor of each workout space between each class
● Mobility area will be for pre class only. No post class mobility until further notice.
● Please wipe down all touch points after class

We’d love to chat and mingle but we need to clean and make space for the next class. There are additional measures being taken even beyond all you see here. Your health and safety are our priority. If there are any questions we can answer to make your visit to the gym more comfortable please reach out to us at [email protected] We are working to provide the best workout experience we can for the best fitness community in DC.